I am a woman fashioned by God
put upon this earth to do His works
I am beguiling... bewitching...enchanting
mysterious creature they call woman

Who am I

I am the Rock of Gibraltar
I am the echo in the sea shell
I am as inveivable as the surf in the ocean
I am the mother of all living creatures

My name is Eve
The peoples of the earth all spring from me
I am Sarah, the wife of Abraham
I am Rebecca, guardian of the well
that it shall never be dry

I am Rachael
My tears are shed for the oppressed
the long suffering fragments of persecuted humanity
Queen Esther am I...beautiful and courageous
I give my life that my people will live

I am the Statue of Liberty~my torch of freedom is held
aloft for all to see~on my pedestal are emblazoned the
burning words of Emma Lazarus

I am Henrietta Szold
I brought the saving remmants of the children into the
Promised Land
I am Hadassad, the healing of the Daughter of my People

What do they call me

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and
hearts of little children"
They call me wife...they call me sister
They call me daughter and lover

What am I

I am the fragrance that comes from a rose
I am the morning dew
~Touch me~
I am soft and tender and loving
~Look at me~
I am exciting...I am moody...I am capricious
~Look deep inside~
do you see the compassion...the mercy
the deep~rooted emotions that stirs my soul

As God is a jealous God~ so I am too a jealous one
Do not hurt me...Do not hurt my people
I will not cringe from using my boundaries
I will fight with every nerve and fiber of my
being for justice

~I cry aloud~
World...do not hurt me again
for I have the strenght of history

I am the Rock of Gibraltar

I am God's gift to mankind
It is I who carry the miracle of birth with me
It is from my loins that generations will come
It is I who will nurture and cherish the seedlings
I am the promise of springtime
I kindle the flame of the future
I am a light unto the world

Hear my Plea...

Father...Mother...God...Holy Spirit...Lord All Mighty
Look down upon us from Thy celestial heights
Teach us to serve our people in the spirit of
the women who bore us

Help us to diffuse Thy essence of love and peace
over man kind
Keep us close to our faith and to the awareness of the
For our heritage is a noble heritage

Who am I

I am Katilyn...the Healing of the Daughters of my People
Thank you God for making me a woman...